The Action Movie THE 86 is set to open in Venezuelan Theaters FEB. 24th!

The action movie THE 86 (Los Ochoseis in Spanish) is finally set to open in Venezuelan theatres by February 24th, 2017. The film will first open in the capital city of Caracas to later move onto the rest of the South American country with the potential to be also shown in neighboring countries as informed by one of his producers, actor Carlos Antonio Leon.

Leon says this film is the effort of “three amigos” (actor and producer Thomas Piedra, Financier David DaSilva and Leon) who put together a business plan to shoot this film without any financial help from CNAC (Venezuela’s movie funding entity). “It is very difficult because of the economic situation of Venezuela” says Leon. “We had to do miracles in order to stay afloat given the merciless instability of the Venezuelan currency compared to the dollar, but we made it. It was one of the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in order to shoot a film; this was definitely a learning experience for all of us” ends Leon.

The film is directed by Javier Mujica, an ardent fan of Guy Ritchie’s style, and a very passionate supporter of the action genre. “The 86 however is different from those Ritchie’s films given that our film shows warmer and brighter colors in contrast with Ritchie’s English greys. But I stuck to the action similar to that of Ritchie’s, one of the best directors in the business” The 86 premiered at the Venezuelan Film Festival in New York City to rave responses and won the Audience Choice Award at ELCO Film Festival in Venezuela. The film (inspired by a true story) narrates the story of “Chino” (Ernesto Ceballos) and his brother “Cachito” (Erik Ronso), leaders of the gang “The 86” and its terrorizing activities around the city of Caracas in the mid 80’s. In a way, the film illustrates the decomposition of a society that later deepened into a social and economic collapse. “This was part of the beginnings that later brought us to the actual chaos we are living in Venezuela” Says Piedra.

The cast includes Leon as “Casanova,” Piedra as “Paco,” Martha Tarazona as “Yessenia,” Malena Gonzales as “La Llona,” Marco Alcala as “Diogenes,” Maria Elena Infantino as “Juana,” Laureano Olivares as “Terminator,” Jose Roberto Diaz as “Don Gato,” and Carlos Madera as “Negrin” among others.