From Advertising Exec in India to Hollywood Filmmaker meet Harshrajsinh Gohil

From Advertising Exec In India To Hollywood Filmmaker Meet Harshrajsinh Gohil

Born and raised in the state of Gujarat, India in a small village where there was no media penetration Harsh knew he always wanted a career in Filmmaking.
Filmmaker Harsh Gohil
Filmmaker Harsh Gohil
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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Feb. 15, 2017 – PRLog — Harshrajsinh came to Los Angeles to share the stories about India and Indian people with the world. Knowing Hollywood has a large international audience he knew that is where he needed to be. India is rich in culture and literature and has remained somewhat untapped, he explained.

His journey began as an advertising copywriter but he didn’t like telling his stories to sell products. He made a short film called “Irrespective Of Respect” with a very small budget. This was his first project which was not a success but he used it as a learning experience loving the process deciding to learn filmmaking in 2010 and never looked back since.

He made two award winning short films,”A Tourist” and “Psych” as Writer, Director and Editor.

“A Tourist” is a story about a man who is extremely curious to know what happens after death so he decides kill him self but on his way he meets some people and he inspires them to live their life to the fullest.

“Psych” is a film about two troubled men who help each other in a very unconventional but effective ways and that’s what they needed at that time of their lives.”

Once he received his work permit, Harsh got a job at AOL studios. He also works on International Documentaries for The Huffington Post, He became a Director and Editor of two international film festivals in Los Angeles as well.

Harsh is honored to be working with an Emmy nominated filmmaker on a Travel Documentary series which the pilot was nominated for an Emmy in 2016 while writing a TV pilot that starts production mid 2017. As you can clearly see he has a lot on his plate!

When asked about the type of films he enjoys and likes to create he stated “I like the concepts of Dream, Time and Karma. I want to incorporate Indian Mythology along with those concepts to tell my stories. I like science fiction and drama as well.”

He went on to explain, “The most Important lesson I learned was from my film A Tourist. People say script is most important, some say actors are most important and some would say direction is most important.  I have learned everything is most important, your actors, script, lighting, editing and the fonts you use for the credits. I believe when you take each and every process of film making as the most important process, you end up creating a great project.”

One of his favorite movies is Taxi Driver. He said it was very inspiring for him. It’s just a great first hand character study. He said the film really showed him how complex people can be, so when creating his characters he wants them to be as real and as complex as Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver.

His advice to future filmmakers or anyone interested in breaking into the industry is, “You will have to do fifty different things you do not like in order to do one thing  you love, so do all the things that will push you forward towards your dream, whether you like it or not. At the end of the day all the dots will get connected and you will be able to do what you love and you will be better at it.

In addition to being a filmmaker Harsh loves music and wants to give some of his free time to learn singing and dancing, he has learned a little bit of Salsa but wants to get better at it. Expect to see alot more of Harsh Gohil in 2017 as he strives to be remembered as one of Hollywoods’ Iconic Filmakers.

These are the awards he has won.

·  Best Film and Best actor for A Tourist  at NYC Indie Film Awards

·  Best Editor for A Tourist at Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival

·  Best Film for Psych at Mindfield Film Festival • Los Angeles

·  Best Editor for A Tourist at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival

Along with these awards he got accepted in these festivals:

·  Finalist in Los Angeles CineFest.

·  Miami Independent Film Festival

·  Lake View International Film Festival

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