Evangelist Earlina D Gilford-Weaver is the Founder of Shekinah Glory Damage Emotions & Blesshands4U of the Arts/Radio Outreach Ministry.  


Evangelist Earlina D Gilford-Weaver is the Founder of Shekinah Glory Damage Emotions & Blesshands4U of the Arts/Radio Outreach Ministry.

Earlina brings whats needed in our society today; a wife, mother, grandmother,motivational speaker, writer, author, director, producer, and 4x award winner.

Earlina is a survivor of mental, physical, sexual abuse, 3x‘ cancer survivor and suffered a 3 month coma. Earlina dedicated her life to the Lord, and found her calling, even though she has suffered several stokes along the way causing her to be on oxygen 24 hours a day and in a wheelchair. Her faith keeps her striving and standing on the promises from God of her totally healing.


Earlina dedicates her passion in her God given gifts and talents, by bringing a life changing ministry to help break generational pain, and hope to heal communities in forgiveness through life changing books, inspirational stage plays & movies.

Earlina loves working in the communities helping in areas that deal with matters of the heart.

     Accomplishments of Awards & Certificates

Youngstown Ohio Humane Society

Award for Outreach 2009

Certificate of Outstanding Prison Ministry for Black History Month Awarded 2013

Her first Magazine issue 21 of the 2014 Tru

Entertainment Magazine.

Write Ups- Articles on Ireport CNN, News Report for Entertainment, Endee Online Magazine, Down South Hip Hop Online News, Faith Writers for Christians, Fine Success Magazine,

Rock Thiz, Pulse and Southeast Hip Hop Magazine and Summer 2017 issue of The Christian View Magazine.

4x Award winner, awarded for Best Outreach Youth Ministry in 2004

Awarded 2 x for Best Break Out Film of the Peach Theatre Playwrights Ball & Symposium in 2014 & 2015

Literary Award for The Best Inspirational Story Line of the She Writes BET Award in 2014

The Peoples Choice Winner of the Praise Café’ for the Best Director in 2016.


Who Will Wipe My Tears Away? Inspirational Stage Play 2011

Is It Really My Closet? Domestic Stage Play 2012

Busted & Disgusted Inspirational Stage Play 2013

Angry Tears/Movie, true story of Evangelist Earlina Gilford-Weaver 2013

Trapped! Was’ It really God? Inspirational Stage Play 2014

April 23, 2017 at the Encore Movie Theater in Niles Ohio

Red Carpet Movie Premiere, Devil W/A Smile will launch into a Mini Series “2Real4U”

June 30, 2017 see the First Series Devil W/A Smile 7 Episodes for$2.99 each will be showing on   http://www.2real4u.org/movie

Earlina G.Weaver is executive producer of the His Reflect Television Network with Founders Pastor George & Tabisa Dixon.

Earlina hosts her own radio show every Thursday at 7pm eastern time, interviewing authors and those with powerful testimonies from all over the world on Diva Naires/ BlessHands4U Blog Talk Radio.

Earlina is working on her next book A Call Too Late and her stage play about domestic violence Is It Really My Closet?  Earlina’s short film A Call Too Late will be aired on Aspire for NBBT on July 3, 2017.

For more of Evangelist Earlina Gilford- Weaver Ministry Works visitwww.2real4u.org

For contact information2real4udrama@gmail.com  orblesshands4u@gmail.com


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