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Three Venezuelan actors took acting awards home last Friday night at the Hollywood Dreams Film Festival and Writers Celebration which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Alexander Da Silva (The House At The End Of Time, My Straight Son) won “Breakout Action Star – Feature” for his lead role in Venezuela’s action flick, “Steel Clad” (Blindado) which had several other nominations. Da Silva was also nominated for “Male Action Performer of the Year” which went to English Actor Farid Jamal Khan for his role in “Rapist Rapist.” “Steel Clad” shows a very committed and risk-taking Da Silva who did his own stunts (including jumping off a bridge!) while showcasing his great talents as a serious actor.
“Steel Clad” (Directed by Carlos Malavé) is set to open in Venezuelan theatres November 22nd while continuing its festival run for the next year or so.
Marisa Roman’s character as a Mexican prostitute who spars with a widower about a wide range of issues to later discover the many common grounds between them in Germany’s “All My Tomorrows” also took a trophy for “Best Lead Actress.” The film went onto win several other awards in the various categories it was nominated. Roman was also seen in Diego Velasco’s “The Zero Hour” (2010).
Carlos Antonio León (Shadowland, Sound of Nothing) took home “Best Supporting Actor” for his role as “Julian Amores” in Gavin Culbertson’s “A Paper Tiger Burns,” a Latin drama shot between Colombia and St. Louis, Missouri, that shows León’s character not only transitioning from younger to older but from being very homophobic to somewhat understanding of the LGBT issues. León is a familiar face in Las Vegas for he was nominated last year as “Lead Actor” for his breathtaking role in Carla Forte’ “Ann.”
“A Paper Tiger Burns” also won “Best Foreign Film,” one of the “biggie” awards of the night. The film was produced by the non-for-profit organization “Empowerment Arts,” which aims to create awareness about social issues through art. The organization is based in St. Louis.
The “Venezuelan power” was definitely felt in the “Hollywood Dreams Film Festival and Writers Celebration.” Congratulations to all.


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