WHY NIKIA’s “You Had Me” and “Sexin'” Videos are a MUST WATCH!


Singer / Songwriter Nikia is back with a blazing hot new video titled “You Had Me” featuring label-mate / rapper Wo-Billz the latest single from her latest anthology NO FAIRYTALE.  The music video was directed by Jimmy Blanco.  The video’s narrative touches explores the cold side of relationships and the emotions that come along with it.  The song itself presents itself in a way that Nikia is speaking to the person she is in a relationship with directly, chanting the lyrics “I don’t want to point fingers / we both played our part….and I was the only one loving you from the start/ I don’t really want to talk to talk about it”….. and explaining “we break up / we make up/ we make love / we just fuss”.  Many of Nikia’s fans, followers, supporters and listeners will certainly be able to relate to the theme of the song as many people in relationships go through these cycles, ups and downs and emotional roller coaster rides.  Nikia vividly expresses the entire relationship cycle in a heartfelt way in this song.  Rapper / femcee Wo-Billz jumps on the end of the track with a fierce verse expressing how her lover “fucked up” and has her fucked up!  The track is well produced with a high quality “atmospheric”, ethereal keyboard synthesizer sound that really sticks in your mind and grabs you.    From start to finish from the lyrics to the beat and the visuals that accompany the song in the music video “You Had Me” is indeed a powerful song!  Watch the video at the embedded YouTube link above and purchase the album NO FAIRYTALE on Amazon, iTunes, Tidal and all media platforms!

Just in time for Valentines Day, we decided to re-post one of Nikia‘s viral smash hit singles and video “Sexin'” which is also one of the singles from the powerful, critically acclaimed album by Nikia titled NO FAIRYTALE which is available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, GooglePlay and all other digital platforms and everywhere music is available for streaming and purchasing.  If you haven’t heard the song or watched the video you certainly need to!  Click the embedded youtube video above while you listen and watch Nikia’s sensual, seductive performance while she sings flirtatious lyrics over a soothing, tranquilizing, well produced beat that will stick in your mind for moments to come.   Nikia lets it all out and openly explores her sexual, and freaky side with this song and music video.  The alluring, tantalizing image of Nikia showing a little skin and cleavage enhances the song and overall visual effect of the music video.  “Sexin'” is definitely a must watch, rather you are a fan of Nikia or not!  Watch the video above and post your feedback below.

Nikia No Fairytale

Nikia’s album NO FAIRYTALE is available NOW on Tidal, Spotify, GooglePlay, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Napster and all digital platforms and everywhere music is being sold digitally and available for streaming and downloading!  The singles “Sexin'” and “You Had Me” also appear on the album as well along with her other hits past and previous hits such as “Do U” and “Truth Syrum”.  Here is the official tracklist below….

  1. Truth Syrum (featuring Wo Billz)
  2. You Had Me (featuring Wo Billz)
  3. Dayja Vu (featuring Dee)
  4. No Sorrys
  5. True Love
  6. Sexin (featuring Dee)
  7. FFF (featuring Cali Cartel)
  8. Do U (featuring Johnny Will)
  9. Heaven Send Me an Angel (featuring Wo Billz)
  10. Beautiful Me


Nikia for Brenda 10

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Nikia has a lot planned for 2020!  Lots of major projects, appearances, and business moves in the works so definitely visit her official website for updates, news, and more!  Nikia is taking over for 2020

Good Morning, Jonestown

Magee Jan 19 2

Good Morning, Jonestown is a comedy podcast hosted by idiots in Portland, Oregon by way of Pensacola, Florida. The duo Tony Burkett and Russell Douglas do not hold back, whatever pops in their head they say it. A little controversy is often necessary for success in comedy and with these 2 guys, nothing is off limits!

A unique creation, GMJ incorporates bizarre music and comedic editing to produce a polished show that outshines the standard podcast format. These straight forward scathing satirist’s love to push the envelope.

From drugs and conspiracy to satire and silliness, no topic is taboo and nothing is sacred. They continue to perfect their craft of exposing foolishness in our society! You are guaranteed to be entertained!

Follow their movement!

Social Media:



Magee Jan 19 1

Mobbed Up Records Announces Charity Fundraiser in Support of Disabled Children at The Forge, Joliet IL

Magee Nov 17th

Mobbed Up Records, the full-service management company, is throwing a special charity fundraiser concert in support of disabled children. “Rock Out For Children” will be held on November 30th, 2019 at 4.30 PM. at The Forge Concert venue located at, 22 W Cass St., Joliet, Illinois 60432.

The host for the evening will be #Goat from Full Throttle Saloon. They have lined up an amazing roster of artists to perform. Opening up is Bill Buccellato followed by Convoy, Midnight Sinners, Some Years Later and Sin MG. The proceeds from the concert will be donated to Cornerstone Services based out of Joliet, IL.

SPOTLIGHT: S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) “D.O.A.”

The Nerdcore Supergroup known as Symphonic Pheenix Force is BACK with a brand new single titled “D.O.A.” from their forthcoming full length project THE ART OF FUSION.  This single is produced by DaRapNerd and is now being featured on many websites and popular music blogs on the web and also getting major attention from the DJs and podcasters as well.  Listen to this very creative experimental hip hop track at the direct spreaker link here
Follow S.P.F. on Social Media at the Direct Links below to get more updates on the artists.

RELATION – Unlimited.Stacks.Association


Hip Hop is a culture and art movement that began in the Bronx in New York City and Chicago’s Unlimited Stacks Association is working hard to keep it alive, which is not an easy task in a oversaturated industry.

South-Side Chicagos’s Unlimited Stacks Association is a sleeping giant in Chicago. This is a movement definitely in a lane of their own embracing old school hip hop values, vowing to always keep it real. With the work ethics of industry vets their goal is to bring real music back that people can relate to.

With great quality productions and chart topping songs that cant be duplicated this movement is what the game has been missing.

Follow the movement:

Check out the exciting crime drama “Potnah” from Executive Producer Kyron Hodges

Check out the exciting crime drama “Potnah” from Executive Producer Kyron Hodges

A honest look at New York City’s lucrative, illicit underground cigarette trade is exposed after a high profile tobacco kingpin becomes a prime suspect in the murder of his partner. The story is engaging with amazing action and  visuals.

The film has stellar performances by the actors who are true professionals in their craft. As Jarell “Jay” King is being interrogated by detectives, he is forced to relive the events of his life that slowly reveal the truth about a murder and betrayal amongst friends.

This suspenseful urban crime drama will keep you on the edge of your seat as you see the life of a Brooklyn gangsta through his eyes. This is a story of loyalty, betrayal, and murder. You will see firsthand the struggles of the street life and the fight for survival. The twists and turns will take you on the ride of your life! This is a film that has garnered attention from some of the most discerning critics.

Watch now!


Magee Aug 12 uNEW HEADSHOT



Three Venezuelan actors took acting awards home last Friday night at the Hollywood Dreams Film Festival and Writers Celebration which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Alexander Da Silva (The House At The End Of Time, My Straight Son) won “Breakout Action Star – Feature” for his lead role in Venezuela’s action flick, “Steel Clad” (Blindado) which had several other nominations. Da Silva was also nominated for “Male Action Performer of the Year” which went to English Actor Farid Jamal Khan for his role in “Rapist Rapist.” “Steel Clad” shows a very committed and risk-taking Da Silva who did his own stunts (including jumping off a bridge!) while showcasing his great talents as a serious actor.
“Steel Clad” (Directed by Carlos Malavé) is set to open in Venezuelan theatres November 22nd while continuing its festival run for the next year or so.
Marisa Roman’s character as a Mexican prostitute who spars with a widower about a wide range of issues to later discover the many common grounds between them in Germany’s “All My Tomorrows” also took a trophy for “Best Lead Actress.” The film went onto win several other awards in the various categories it was nominated. Roman was also seen in Diego Velasco’s “The Zero Hour” (2010).
Carlos Antonio León (Shadowland, Sound of Nothing) took home “Best Supporting Actor” for his role as “Julian Amores” in Gavin Culbertson’s “A Paper Tiger Burns,” a Latin drama shot between Colombia and St. Louis, Missouri, that shows León’s character not only transitioning from younger to older but from being very homophobic to somewhat understanding of the LGBT issues. León is a familiar face in Las Vegas for he was nominated last year as “Lead Actor” for his breathtaking role in Carla Forte’ “Ann.”
“A Paper Tiger Burns” also won “Best Foreign Film,” one of the “biggie” awards of the night. The film was produced by the non-for-profit organization “Empowerment Arts,” which aims to create awareness about social issues through art. The organization is based in St. Louis.
The “Venezuelan power” was definitely felt in the “Hollywood Dreams Film Festival and Writers Celebration.” Congratulations to all.